The Art of Scholarships: Scholarship Academy (3 Courses in Bundled into 1)

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This Scholarship Academy is 💎 packed and tells you everything about scholarships, including information that cannot be found by a simple Google search!!! Don't get caught scrambling at the last minute to find & fill out scholarships - that only puts you behind the curve.

Here's What You'll Learn in 3 Courses:

Course 1:

✔️ How to find scholarships that uniquely match YOU in the SHORTEST AMOUNT OF TIME as possible

✔️ 25 - 33 different scholarship indicators to use to help you find scholarships that match your demographics

✔️ Key scholarship terminology, including the difference b/w merit- and financial-aid based scholarships

✔️ Brief discussion of FAFSA and its benefits

✔️ How to effectively utilize scholarship search engines (not all are good)

✔️ Discussion of fake scholarships - how to spot them

✔️ How to organize your scholarship journey (because time is of an essence!)

Course 2:

✔️ How to tell a story, including how to discuss life adversities

✔️How to organize your scholarship essay

✔️Important parts of grammar that you should be mindful of, including how to correctly use colons and semicolons (to avoid run-on sentences created by comma splices)

✔️Content/gimmicks to be mindful of

Course 3:

✔️ How to take multiple financial aid packages and use them as leverage with the universities/colleges that you are interested in attending

✔️ How to leverage your private scholarship money with your university/college (to avoid a school from "taking" any money that you may bring in)

✔️ How to negotiate the terms of your private scholarship money via telephone (i.e. how to use the private scholarship for things other than tuition and room/board)


💎 Bonus 1: You will get MY scholarship list organizer

💎 Bonus 2: You will get a long list of scholarship search engines (to use if needed)

💎 Bonus 3: You will get a list of 19-20 Big Name Scholarships to be on the lookout for Fall 2021 (I will update each semester) 

💎 Bonus 4: You will get MY personal Scholarship Questionnaire Form (25-33 scholarship indicators to help you find scholarships)

💎 Bonus 5: Additional resources about direct subsidized & unsubsidized loans 

💎 Bonus 6: Revision & discussion of some of my clients' personal statement essays for college & graduate school (You get to hear my real feedback!)

💎 Bonus 7: Excerpts from MY WINNING scholarship essays (including some of my essays for my law school scholarships and my Coca Cola Scholarship application)

💎 Bonus 8: Financial Aid Template Letter with an appendix that contains great sample writings!!!

💎 Bonus 9: Continuing Letter of Interest (for deferred students)


Disclaimer: Results may (and will) vary for each student and college/university. I do NOT guarantee that you will find a certain amount of scholarships or win any scholarships upon completion of this Scholarship Academy. I am not responsible for nor do I assume any liability for scholarships you apply to and do not win. In addition to the information I provide, I encourage you to do your own research as well.

Refund Policy: This course is nonrefundable because I cannot restrict access once you have made a purchase. Upon purchase, you will have lifetime access to the course.

I reserve the right to update this course from time to time, including adding and removing information. 

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The Art of Scholarships: Scholarship Academy (3 Courses in Bundled into 1)

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