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The Art of Scholarships: How to Research & Find Legitimate Scholarships

Full Website: www.theartofscholarships.com

This course tells you everything about how to find LEGITIMATE scholarships! To find ALL the scholarships that you qualify for - you have to start with scholarship search engines AND GO BEYOND THEM! 

Studies show that most students only apply to about 3-4 private scholarships. That is playing a losing game! To truly increase your chances of winning - you have to FIND and APPLY to all the scholarships that you qualify for! 

The information provided in this short powerpoint/video presentation has helped my clients (who range in age and level of schooling) find at minimum, 20 private scholarships (the average has been about 30-50 scholarships)!!!

Here's What You'll Learn:

✔️ How to find scholarships that uniquely match YOU in the SHORTEST AMOUNT OF TIME as possible 

✔️ 25 - 33 different scholarship indicators to use to help you find scholarships that match your demographics

✔️ Key scholarship terminology, including the difference b/w merit- and financial-aid based scholarships

✔️ Brief discussion of FAFSA and its benefits

✔️ How to effectively utilize scholarship search engines (not all are good)

✔️ Discussion of fake scholarships - how to spot them

✔️ How to organize your scholarship journey (because time is of an essence!)


💎Bonus 1: You will get MY scholarship list organizer 

💎Bonus 2: You will get a long list of scholarship search engines (to use if needed)

💎 Bonus 3: You will get MY personal Scholarship Questionnaire Form (25-33 scholarship indicators to help you find scholarships) 

💎 Bonus 4: Additional resources about direct subsidized & unsubsidized loans 

💎Bonus 5 (HS Seniors): You will get a list of 19-20 Big Name Scholarships to be on the lookout for Fall 2021 (I will update each semester) 


Disclaimer: Results may (and will) vary for each student and college/university. I do NOT guarantee that you will find a certain amount of scholarships upon completion of this course. In addition to the information I provide, I encourage you to do your own research as well.

Note: This information is covered in the Scholarship Academy. Thus, if you previously purchased the Scholarship Academy, there is no need to purchase this course separately.

Refund Policy: This course is nonrefundable because I cannot restrict access once you have made a purchase. Upon purchase, you will have lifetime access to the course.

I reserve the right to update this course from time to time, including adding and removing information. 


The Art of Scholarships: How to Research & Find Legitimate Scholarships

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